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IP-DOT has been included in the suppliers' list for public libraries in Israel

IP-DOT has been included in the suppliers' list for public libraries in Israel

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 You may contact us by:
Tel.: 905 731 5102 (Local call in Canada) or +972 4 9541790.
Fax: +972 4 9541793.
@: info@lib-portal.com.
Or you may submit the following form for information request

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We will return to you shortly with the most suitable package for your requirements.

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Number of titles:
Number of subscribers:
Number of library workers:
Number of cataloging stations, which the system is needed for:
Is the management system needed for a single library or for a chain of libraries?
Name of current library management system in the library and in the branches:
Type of books' database in each relevant library or branch (name and version:
Do you require a catalog conversion from the old platform into the new one?
Is there a barcode sticker on the books and other items?
Comments, additions and general requests:

We are committed to the best service that your patrons expect from you!

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