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Lib-Portal is a web environment platform that includes all the features that are required for an efficient management of all the working processes in an advanced modern library.

It has the ability of a central catalog for a chain of libraries and branches.

The platform is multi-language (utf-8) and allows each library to manage its relevant terms and thesaurus.

The platform allows each library to easily edit and enrich the content of the library portal including pictures and external files (events, links, surveys, forums & more).

The library's subscribers have full access to data that is relevant for them: search the catalog, have their personal login details, view their personal loans' card, enlarge from home the loan of items that they hold and perform orders of books via the internet.

The platform has advanced modules for the management of automatic messages & reminders to the subscribers, in order to keep a fluent communication and updating abilities to the library's subscribers.

It has an advanced module for management of copies.

Lib-Portal provides all the needs of libraries, archives & museums. It is targeted to public libraries, educational organizations, non-profit entities, commercial companies & businesses.

The Lib-Portal platform operates in the mode of "Software as a Service" (S.a.a.S) on external web servers. The work on it is through the web browser.

We offer attractive costs for purchase and maintenance.

Please use the contact us form to request specific information.

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