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Special features of Lib-Portal

Up-graded cataloguing

Lib-Portal launched its new up-graded Web open architecture cataloguing system.

The new web system allows flexibility and intuitive work within the cataloguing process. It easily supports both imports and export of data from/to outside catalogs, either from libraries or from other sources. The platform is based on the architecture of Web2.0, Collaborative Open-Source.

The new cataloguing system is based on the principal of Web open architecture that enables each library manager to build his library's cataloguing templates, using new features that were not common or available till now in the LMS field. The new system provides improved and more efficient cataloguing process and improves the variety and quality of the data that is received and saved by the library. The new concept creates a powerful search engine for a rapid and easier access to items in the library’s catalog..

The enhanced web 2.0 interface of Lib-Portal LMS
allows you to add fields within the cataloguing template and locate them easily without relying on professional programmers. Each library can tailor their templates to meet their needs.

Highlights of the modules:

1. Intuitive typing of text with no need for special tags (in contrast to other cataloguing systems based on MARC).

2. Import of contents from the internet like: text, images, movies, presentations, Flash, maps and more.

3. Internal linking between objects within the catalog of different subjects.

4. Lib-Portal allows you to add special value icons to draw attention to time set promotions to objects in the catalog, such as but are not limited to - recommended, new, most read, the book of the month, etc. The Lib-Portal search engine can identify the objects corresponding to the special value icons.

5. Cataloguing in various languages with ability to have different languages mixed as part of the fields of the objects.

6. The keywords management in Lib-Portal has enhanced features:

a) Adding keywords to each record and automatic links to all corresponding records that contain the keyword;

b) “Hidden” keywords (using the funnel effect to pin-point the correct keyword);

c) Alert and repair mechanism for wrong keywords.

d) Thesaurus builder for creating the language tree.

e) The keywords management in Lib-Portal has enhanced features for adding listing, digital files at a variety of formats.

Lib-Portal Chain of Libraries capabilities & advantages

Net of Centralized and consolidated catalogs for municipal authorities

The Lib-Portal platform enables a municipal authority to have one central catalog system access to as many branches of libraries under their authority. Cataloguing can be done at the central location. Each branch can focus on the management of content and management of patrons' activities within the library.

Interaction between library nets

A unique feature of Lib-Portal allows nets to interact with other nets, accessing and share their catalogs, importing or exporting items from catalogs used by other nets and creating a virtual friendly interface with authorization capabilities between the different parties. All resulting in an efficient and cost saving process. 

Export & Import of records from outside catalogs of Lib-Portal

The system has built-in modules for export of records and import into the catalog, using the TXT tab delimited, SQL or XML formats. 

Import of items from external sources

The Lib-Portal platform can improve the librarian tasks by allowing the import of items from external catalogs:

1. Directly Import of records in SQL format from other Lib-Portal catalogs.

2. Import of records in XML format from other Lib-Portal catalogs or from external catalogs which have the ability to export data into XML files.

3. Direct import from the OCLC catalog (if approved by OCLC).

4. Import of MARC records from external systems (like MARC edit or MARC Magician).

Lib-Portal has been the most sold platform in Israel in the last 3 years. It has been implemented in more than 350 libraries, as a multi-language platform without a single complaint.

Since its inception, there wasn’t a single case of a library using Lib-Portal, moving to another LMS platform.

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