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Welcome to "Lib-Portal" a web program for libraries management at high quality and affordable cost.

IP-DOT Ltd. was founded in 1995 and focuses in the development of computerized management systems for decision makers in companies and organizations, in advanced environments (for internet & intra-net), organizational portals, content and image sites, data management systems, library management system, e-commerce applications, forums, surveys, e-learning and more.

Our client list is combined of established companies from Israel and abroad.

capabilities of "Lib-Portal" our library management system:
  •   View of personalized data and an enhanced catalog search with
          ordering online.
  •   Optimization of librarians' work and cataloging – reducing
          overhead and data improvement.
  •   Work with a central server in a data center.
  •   Lower purchasing and maintenance costs!!!!

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    You have reached the demo version of "Lib-Portal" – Please contact us in order to fully experience the program.

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